Monday, September 17, 2012


SM Cinema Brings the IMAX Experience to Davao
SM Cinema, the country’s leading film exhibitor, continues its quest to elevate this country’s cinematic experience by bringing in state-of-the-art theater technology. Introducing the IMAX Experience to the Filipinos is one of SM Cinema’s ways of delivering world-class quality entertainment.
One of the highlightsin the opening of SM LanangPremier is the opening of the IMAX Theatre.IMAX Lanangopens with 467 seats and a digital projection system that can support both 2D and 3D films.
IMAX is the world’s leading film entertainment technology. It utilizes laser-aligned digital audio feed in addition to a revolutionary projection system that enhances image quality and display, delivering unparalleled and realistic sound and visuals.
IMAX is more than a technology; it is an experience. The IMAX Theatre is designed to fill your field of visionand engulf you in sound so powerful that it is almost tangible. IMAX screen is several times larger than the screen of the standard theater, delivering an image so large that it fills your entire field of view.  The screen is slightly curved and the seats are angled to allow audience to have an unobstructed view of what they are watching. The IMAX image is several times larger than any other cinema format, offering far greater resolution than the 35mm film. All these contribute to bringing images to life like no other—making you feel you are part of the movie and not just a mere spectator.
The immersive movie-viewing experience that IMAX brings is made possible by IMAX Digital Media Remastering (DMR), the transformative process used to enhance and optimize the image and sound of Hollywood feature films for the IMAX format. During this process, IMAX spends hours, weeks and months working directly with the filmmakers and technical teams of each film on dozens of ways to enhance the movie, including adjusting the saturation, contrast, brightness, re-mixing the soundtrack, and a bunch of other variables in virtually every frame.
The result delivers an unparalleled image and sound quality that is designed specifically for IMAX theatres. Watching a film in an IMAX Theatre gives you a unique experience; it allows you to lose yourself in the scenes unfolding before you.With IMAX, you are absorbed by the movie.
Through SM Cinema, Filipinos are able to enjoy the IMAX Experience--an experience that takes you beyond the edge of your seats to a world you have never imagined.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


-Innovative sound technology combines vacuum tube amplifier and digital amplifier

-The DA-E750 is the world’s first dual-docking system that allows mobile phone users to enjoy high-quality audio experiences. "Users can enjoy their music from various smart devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note or other products such as the iPhone, iPod and iPad" ( with support for both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices )

-Wireless Audio with Dock also features enhanced wireless content sharing with AllShare Play, Bluetooth® 3.0 and is even compatible with AirPlay technology

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) launched its new premium Wireless Audio with Dock today that incorporates its vacuum tube amplifier technology, offering natural and harmonious sound qualities.

A first-class Wireless Audio with Dock, the DA-E750 is the world’s first dual-docking system for the premium audiophile that supports both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices—via both docked and wireless connectivity.

“The DA-E750 is a world-class audio system that underscores Samsung’s commitment to extend its strong leadership in the premium market,” said Amby Navarro-Molina, SEPCO Product Marketing Head . “As audio is an integral part of the overall home entertainment experience, we’re proud to provide consumers around the world with superior sound quality that can be enjoyed in the home.”

Allowing audio enthusiasts to enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard, Samsung’s new vacuum tube amplifier technology provides a warmer, more natural sound compared to conventional audio systems that use transistors. By also combining the vacuum tube with a digital amplifier, the DA-E750 reduces unnecessary, harsh sound distortions—while its 2.1-channel woven glass fiber speakers and powerful built-in subwoofer produce 100 watts of crystal-clear sound with enhanced bass for a quality music experience.

Delivering a total wireless solution, the DA-E750 provides superior convenience, supporting wireless audio file playback via AllShare for Samsung GALAXY devices and AirPlay for Apple devices, or via Bluetooth® 3.0 for additional devices. The DA-E750 also features an analog (composite) input and a USB port to play audio files directly from a thumb drive, music player or portable hard drive—supporting MP3, WMA and WAV file formats.

The elegant design of the DA-E750 exudes the highest level of sophistication by combining classic design elements with a touch of luxury. The sleek high gloss wood finish is available in either mahogany color
which is accentuated by the warm glow from the vacuum tubes inside the docks when in operation.

With the DAE750 launch, Samsung also released an online commercial video showcasing the spectacular “Flavor of Sound” the wireless Audio with Dock delivers. The video stars George Craig, lead singer of the British indie rock band One Night Only.

Other Wireless Audio Dock models are also available such as the DA-E550, DA-E570, and DA-E650.


- George Craig, the lead singer of British indie rock band One Night Only experiences intense musical flavor with Samsung’s new Wireless Audio with Dock
- With help of explosion specialists and 150 liters of Belgian chocolate, video Shocks viewers with a vivid, chocolate-y sound explosion to express new flavor of sound

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, debuted a short film titled, “A NEW FLAVOUR OF SOUND” on its YouTube channel, showcasing the warm and rich sounds that the Samsung Wireless Audio with Dock (DA-E750) delivers. New in 2012, the visually-stunning video marks the global launch of Samsung’s inaugural entry into premium audio market.

George Craig is the lead singer of British band “One Night Only” and model for Burberry. One Night Only is a British indie rock band and released famous singles like “You&me” (2007), "Just For Tonight” (2008) and “Say You Don’t Want it “(2010, M/V featuring Emma Watson). Starring George Craig, the video follows Craig as he mysteriously and excitedly cleans his living space then covers everything with white sheets. After the room appears to be ready for an unexplained mess, Craig connects a Samsung Galaxy SII smartphone to the high-gloss, chocolaty wood-colored Audio with Dock—then sits back to experience the warm and rich flavor of high-quality sound that follows.

“When I first saw Samsung’s Wireless Audio with Dock, I was immediately awe-struck by the sleek, yet retro design,” said George Craig. “I became an instant fan after hearing the amazing and smooth sound the DA-E750 delivers, so to help launch the product by partnering with Samsung on this video is both exciting and an honor.”

Featuring the One Night Only song, “You & Me,” the video reaches its climax at the same time the music does—as Craig, deeply involved in the music and the powerful pumping sound, surprisingly bursts into a huge explosion of chocolate. Pleasing to any audiophile, the warm, rich sound that Samsung’s Wireless Audio with Dock delivers is exemplified by the inclusion of chocolate in the video—and the notion that the users’ sound experience will be intensely palpable with the DA-E750.

To bring the chocolate-bursting scene to life, Samsung brought specialists in explosion technology to help with this project, conducting 10 explosion tests prior to shooting the scene—using a whopping 150 liters of chocolate throughout production. Fittingly shot in Belgium, “The Country of Chocolate,” the video used a high-speed camera shooting 1,000 frames-per-second, to vividly capture every detail of the powerful chocolate explosion.

The DA-E750 Wireless Audio with Dock includes Samsung’s hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology, and is the world’s first dual docking system that supports both Samsung GALAXY devices and Apple iOS devices. Through the combination of the warm sounds from the vacuum tube amplifier with the crystal-clear sounds from the digital amplifier, the DA-E750 delivers a natural and premium music experience to consumers. Samsung’s DA-E750 is also a total wireless solution—supporting wireless audio file playback via AllShare Play and AirPlay, in addition to Bluetooth® 3.0.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Extraordinary Chicken Found At Greenwich

No one ever goes wrong with the good old fried chicken. When going for a quick fix in the middle of the day, fried chicken is a popular no-frills choice for a truly satisfying meal. The young and the young-at-heart are all too familiar with the goodness of fried chicken.
As a staple in the Filipino foodie’s list of favorites, the crispy fried chicken goes a notch higher courtesy of the country’s leading pizza chain Greenwich. The Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken is an all-new delicious offering that is the next big thing in the food scene as it is extraordinarily crispy and extraordinarily tasty.
“We are very delighted to serve the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken as the latest addition to our growing menu,” declares Joanne Ingalla, Greenwich Brand Manager. “We are definite that more and more Greenwich customers will have an extraordinary time enjoying this equally extraordinary meal.”
The new Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken is set to satisfy any craving with an extraordinary fried chicken packed with extraordinary goodness. A special marinade seeps through each extra large piece, which is then cooked to an inviting crispiness.
The result is an extraordinary fried chicken that is extra juicy and bursting with flavor at every bite. And as an enticing finish, the extraordinary chicken is wrapped in a lip-smacking sweet and mildly spicy glaze that lingers on the taste buds. It is served with steaming cup of rice to complete a filling meal.
The best part of it all is that the Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken meal is available at an affordable P79.
With the debut of Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken, fried chicken lovers will definitely troop to the nearest Greenwich store and bite into the extraordinary goodness of this latest offering. Easy on the pocket but definitely not short on extraordinary taste, Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken will surely hatch satisfied customers who will come back to their favorite Greenwich store for more.
                                                            #         #         #

The Greenwich Crispy Glazed Chicken is an all-new delicious offering that is the next big thing in the food scene as it is extraordinarily crispy and extraordinarily tasty.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Skechers GOrun launches mid-foot strike running clinic in Davao City

After a series of successful Running Essentials clinics in Metro Manila and in Cebu, Skechers recently mounted its Davao City leg featuring Skechers’ Fitness Ambassador, ultramarathoner and fitness coach Michelle Estuar.
The running clinic was held at the Activity Center of Abreeza Mall last August 24, 2012, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm, which saw the participation of over a hundred avid new and veteran Davaoeño running enthusiasts. Skechers Fitness Ambassador, Michelle Estuar, and her team of ultrarunners led the free clinic with the aim of teaching runners proper running technique particularly mid-foot striking.
According to Estuar, “observing good running techniques is extremely important for every runner. These techniques allow runners to enjoy every run as they are able to improve their overall performance and lessen injuries that will keep them off the road.”
Estuar also shared some of the most important techniques that runners should remember.  Below are helpful tips that beginner and professional runners should keep in mind to enjoy a great run:
Warm up, cool down and stretch - Before and after the start of any run, be sure to engage in warm-up exercises. If muscles are properly warmed up, the strain on muscles, tendons, and joints is reduced. A combination of sustained and steady stretches, not forced, is perfect to help loosen the muscles.
Check your upper body - Make sure to maintain good posture while running by keeping your shoulders back and down and keeping your body upright. A good posture enables the lungs to expand fully and in turn, allows you to breathe deeply.
Be aware of your breathing- Whether you’re a leisure or professional runner, proper breathing can have a significant effect on your performance. Relaxation breathing can help a runner because this type of controlled breathing eases muscle tension, helps your limbs move smoother and increases the oxygen your muscles get.
Check your leg and foot striking technique - A common mistake among runners is to heel strike. Such style of running is not only inefficient, but generates sudden and large impact, which in the long run affects the knees and muscles. Therefore, runners must gradually adapt to mid-foot striking.
To help runners easily transition from heel striking to mid-foot striking, they can now lace up a pair of Skechers GOrun – a new minimalistic lightweight shoe line that integrates the revolutionary mid-foot strike technology. Skechers GOrun’s mid-foot strike technology is designed to enhance the natural running performance of runners by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike so that you could run faster, stronger and longer.
By keeping these basic tips in mind and sporting on a pair of Skechers GOrun, runners can definitely feel the big difference in their performance. The Running Essentials clinic is sponsored by 100 Plus and Vitamilk, with media partners,, and other running blogger friends.
Skechers GOrun exploded into the serious running scene in November 2011 when elite marathoner Meb Keflezighi wore the shoes to set a new personal record as the fastestAmerican to cross the finish line in the 2011 NYC Marathon in 2:09:13. He also set another personal best in the London Olympic trials held in Houston, Texas at 2:09:08 where he was named the fastest qualifier for the US Olympic Marathon Team.

The running community has followed Meb’s story and embraced Skechers GOrun with Competitor and Women’s Running naming it the “Most Innovative” new running line for 2012.  Meb also wore the Skechers GOrun footwear when he recently represented the United States at the London Olympics where he placed fourth.
To get updates on upcoming Running Essentials events, check out For more information on Skechers GO Run, visit or simply drop by the Skechers stores at 2nd Level, Gaisano Mall and Ground floor, Abreeza Mall in Davao City.

For inquiries, please contact:
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Thursday, August 16, 2012



         Cafe France brings a different dining experience to the premier city of Davao as it sets to open three stores.  In its first venture out of Luzon, CafeFrance is determined to capture the palates and hearts of Davaoeños with the opening of stores at the Manila Bulletin Building on J.P. Rizal Street, at the Upper Ground Floor of Gaisano Mall of Davao, and at The Peak at the 4th level of the same mall.
            “CafeFrance is more than your usual coffeeshop,” says Enya Baltazar, CafeFrance's Business Unit Head.  “We go further by providing not only a place for a coffeebreak, but a hangout where people can relax, spend time with friends and family over good food at any time of day.” 
            And the menu, indeed, has an array of yummy treats to satisfy a hungry tummy anytime of the day.  Start off with a hearty Breakfast Plate that comes with freshly-baked, breakfast meats, eggs, fresh fruits and premium coffee.  Lunch could either be the picture-perfect Tray Couture of California Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich and Garlic Pesto Pasta, served with soup, a chocolate for dessert, and drink; or a filling rice meal of Chicken Mediterranean and fresh Red Grape Frappé.  Punctuate your day with CafeFrance's mouth-watering pasta, man-sized club sandwiches, and an assortment of breads and pastries—all baked on-site.
            “CafeFrance is here to offer fresh and healthy food choices which are sorely missing in the urban foodscape.  Our food is prepared only as ordered, and we have studied out menu items carefully checking on nutritional values that each one gives the diner.  We know no shortcuts—just serving food the way food should be cooked and served,” Ms. Baltazar adds. 
            The arrival of CafeFrance in Davao is definitely something to look forward to as it brings new flavors, new dishes to enjoy, a new coffeshop experience, and a new way to enjoy life.  As the French say, “C'est la vie!”
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Arise Davao 2012 HUMANITARIAN PROJECT Public Common CR donated to the coastal community

ARISE DAVAO in cooperation with ARISE ASIA

Arise Davao 2012

Public Common CR donated to the coastal community

Volunteers from Arise Davao Youth Movement turn-over the Public Common CR to the community in Purok 8, Brgy. 31-D, Poblacion, Davao City last July 31, 2012. The turn-over was spearheaded by Arise Philippines National Coordinator – Rev. Danny Lagdamen together with volunteers and Arise Davao Humanitarian Project Committee headed by Mr. Bay’ Arths Cagumbay. The turn-over ceremony attended by Kagawad Teofilo Sacay and Mrs. Sheba Leones, BCW President all of Brgy. 31-D. Dr. Ashley Lopez of City Health Office also attended the turn-over.
The construction of a Common CR is the flagship project of Arise Davao. This is in response to the deepest need of the families living in this coastal barangays wherein more than 50% of the houses don’t have access to a clean and healthy toilet. Or if they have a toilet but they don’t have a septic tank where their waste is thrown directly to the sea or a pipe connected to a canal then to the sea – the Davao Gulf.
According to Mrs. Sheba Leones, the common toilet project will benefit around 100 families in our barangay.
And this is also our little way in supporting the city government thru the implementation of the “City Ordinance No. 0363-10 - Section 11. Construction of Communal Toilets and/or Septic. The City, through the barangay local government unit in the area, shall construct Communal Toilets and/or Septic Tanks in areas where there are informal settlers who cannot afford to build one”, Lagdamen said.
Dr. Lopez shared that it’s his first time to witness a project with this kind. “This is a laudable project done by Arise Davao”, Dr. Lopez added.

"In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity, seriousness, and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned, so that those who oppose you may be ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us." - Titus 2:7-8 (NIV)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Ringggggg!!!. . .  the clock ting aling..
Hearts beating while rushing like a wind
It's seven in the morning! Oh my... oh my, get up!
Dancing and leaping and moving

I'm going home again
My heart's whispering your name...
Davao, Davao, Davao you are beautiful
Your name is fire as you burn the darkness of enemies

You are surrounded with passionate leaders
You are adorned with wisdom and life
Your beauty rises as the sun kisses your face
As I look upon your eyes, tears of joy overflows

Nest of mother eagle with eyes glaze like fire
Spare a beak of love into her eaglets
Who can compare the beauty and your likeness
Nation shall rise to crown with peace


Villa Carmelita Inland Resort, Toril Davao City

Eden Nature Park, Toril Davao City
LOLENG'S RESORT, Toril Davao City


Toril Trailblazers! xD