Tuesday, July 12, 2011


When experts went to Davao City to test the Dumoy water source, they said that it is the 2nd cleanest water in the world. Not only that, they also found out that it is the sweetest tasting water that can be found in the Philippines. For that reason, many factories that utilize water as their source of income have been flourishing around the city.

Dumoy’s water, which is located at Talomo District South of Davao City, has the second cleanest water on earth.

There is a scarcity of water in some parts of the world. Many people die everyday due to dehydration. By this reason itself, we should learn to conserve water. Moreover, we should also learn to protect our water and preserve God given abundance of 2nd World's cleanest water. VISIT DAVAO!

But we all know that water may be in abundance now, but it is a resource that is not easily replenishable, especially if we continue with the way we flatten out watersheds and dispose of wastes. We already have a law, the least local government can do is ensure that it becomes implementable and then start on an idea that has been there all the time except that we are just too lazy to make use of it -- free rainwater.


  1. karon lang ko nakabalo na clean diay ang water sa atong hometown.
    nice information and nice blog.

  2. im proud that ive been in davao. hehe. tnx for the info ^_^

  3. so blessed...Dumoy water has been replenishing me since 2004! ^^

  4. I love the taste of Dumoy water. I was birn and raised here in Davao City..It was so cold dumoy water coming out from the big pipes along the hiway then.
    But if it is the cleanest water on earth, Why is it not included in the 10 Top Countries with the Best Tap Water in the World ? -- just wondering, maybe it was only in Europe survey, but in Asia , we are the best then.
    For me it should have been included in 2013 survey, conducted in Europe.

  5. For sure not even near to cleanest water. The tap water everywhere in Davao tastes horrible.

  6. Can i ask for the source why davao is the 2nd cleanest water in the world? Thanks