Saturday, January 1, 2011


As the year started by a sounding blast or trumpets blown
people leaping, shouting, eating, drinking, marrying...
they might believe that those rituals can save their current situation
or i must say, "pampaabog sa malas" 
well, as they say... "walang mawawala" but they really don't know what's the real score
are we really who we are? what we are or where we came from?
those things are just mere "Rituals" i mean yearly habit believing that they will receive "SWERTE".

For how many years of believing that life cycle are only limited on what we believe or what we achieved
people are starting  all over again, nothing has been change 
In 500 years on Christianity in the Philippines, same rituals, same strategies, same approaches
But where we are now? are we receiving something that can really change our nation?
How about our families? Ourselves?

When you ask people of how are they... the simple answer you can hear "MAO GIHAPON"
I mean Business as usual nothing improves, nothing is new...
Sad to say that even children are taught in the school about POOR MENTALITY
By teaching them singing Bahay Kubo Kahit Munti, they are taught of being contented on we have
instead of teaching them to move forward, increase their capabilities, believing that they can do
something amazing... instead of teaching them to love God more than anything, they are taught
to be selfish (survival mentality).

This might be the same as other people see it, but we can more we can imagine
We can stretch our parameters, we can make a difference, we can show the world that Filipinos
are not Juan Tamad, Filipinos can excel.
PILIPINO means PILI na PINO pa... we are a chosen generation a peculiar people!

This year will be increasing! Blessings will overflow as God promised.
Don't stop believing! as EZRA Band says... 
There's Hope! as PENS OF HOPE believes.
This year is not Business as usual, let's make it Business Unusual!
God bless to all of us!


  1. Wow! Amazing post....<3
    I really...really LOVE it! <3
    Sinimulan ko na rin to sa sarili ko ang pagbabago.
    I can do more the usual.
    One person told me before that I'm the most "bugo" na tao he ever met.
    Pero di ko siya hinayaang magwagi sa sinabi niya.
    Problema na niya yon kung sinabihan man niya ako non.Walang makapagbabago sa pag-iisip niya.
    Ang magagawa ko lang,gawin ko ang mga bagay na makakapagpapasaya sa akin at makatulong sa ibang tao.I don't challenge him,ang buhay di naman isang car racing kung sino ang mauna.
    Ang buhay ay isang paglalabay,at sa yong paglalabay dapat masaya ka sa landas na iyong tinatahak.At mapansin ang mga bagay na dapat kunan mo ng leksyon.

    Stop thinking that we are a loser.
    Stop thingking na hanggan dito na lang tayo.
    Stop thinking na wala nang pagbabago.
    Merong pagbabago,at ang pagbabago na yon ay mgsimula sa ating mga sarili.
    The way we think.... :-)
    The way we BELIEVE.
    GOD BLESS US ALL 2011. :-)

  2. wow... so correct... the only thing i could say is TAMAA...