Saturday, February 19, 2011

TAGUM a city in perfect Harmony

tagum, tagum, tagum how awesome is your beauty!
you are adorned with a perfect harmony;
your beauty exceeds the abundance.
as you played your music,
an explosion of virtues lingers the air

today, as you arise your countenance,
people will look at your face like shining light
how lovely are your people
you are crowned with your excellence
rise up and show the world that you're rising from deep sleep.

Tagum your are governed with excellent people
wisdom transform your beauty
from a deep sleep to a rising abundance
your music makes people around the world unite
You are awesome, You're amazing, You're in PERFECT HARMONY!

(Photo by: LEAH VALLE)


  1. We are happy that you were able to join us direk :) we are very lucky to have you to help us...og yes ibog mi sa imong pen and ink ^.^

  2. Wow kagaling gyud sa akoang student uy...(hehehehe ulaw).
    Amazing imong talent Derik.Unta mapiskan mi nimo gamay... :-)
    Keep on inspiring Derik.. :-)

  3. nice naman...... nakaka inganyong pumunta ng TAGUM , wala pa jud ko ka ad2 ja dapita ,hehehe

  4. Nice to meet you perry! text text lang pag nandito kayo sa tagum!