Wednesday, December 28, 2011


In every second 6 babies has been added to this world,
In every trees that will be cut-off a new seed must be planted
In every life that was taken down, a new life will be establish
In every teardrops falls, there's always laughter that created.

In every crops withered(in farmville), a new seed will be planted
In every cries, there's joy after that
In every PENS distributed(Pens of hope) a new hope arises
In every Blogs created, theres a follower who reads it

In every Life that has been wasted, a new beginning has begun
In every difficult situation, there's always a solution
In every subtraction, theres an addition or multiplication
In every decision, there's a completion

As the final chapter of this year
we always think of a new years resolution
but how can we resolve a situation if we cant Dissolve our KAPALPAKAN?
Dissolution first before we can do a resolution
Deforest before we can Reforest
UNDO before we can DO
Delete failure before we can face 2012 and start a new beginning....
Happy new year to everyone, God Bless us all!

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