Saturday, December 25, 2010

glimpse of joy

singing, leaping, writing... killing time
just walking across the street while whistling
looking forward for someone to talk
cars passing with a loud buzz of their honks

i could not reach the other side of the street
trap on where i sat in a waiting shed
waiting for nothing, looking to nowhere
a day could end without nothing to do but sitting

3 hours had passed when someone afar coming
walking with head dropped, shoulder down,
tears coming down... crying alone
a woman full of frustrations maybe

when suddenly our eyes met, i could not move
both are stucked with heart beats so fast
each of us tried to speak the first word
but no words coming out from our mouth

ignoring people that surrounds us
slowly a smile was raised in our face
"Hi, Hello"... the only words created
just ease the pain in her... silence arises

all we can hear is the beat of our hearts
no one dares to speak the second word
we tried to open our mouths
but other words coming out.... BYE FRIEND!

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