Friday, April 22, 2011


I saw you  from my throne when the time i created you in My image and likeness
I heard your cries, I felt what inside of you, I even know the numbers of your hair.
I longed to be with you even before eternity was created.

I came down from heaven to earth just to be with you and rescue you from darkness
I want to feel what's in tears of agony, now I know at Gethsemane;
I want to know what's is sacrifice... I did it at the cross of calvary

I have to go through a process of death in order for you not gone through with it
I have to leave you for a moment just to prepare a place for you
I remember, I told my mom. ..  "See? I will make all things NEW!"

One day, I will wipe away the tears in your eyes
I will cut-off the sting of death and you will be with me forever
I AM who I AM!

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